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2016-05-24 - 17:41

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2014-11-18 00:00

Linux real-time: New stable release available -

but next one depends on more support from industrial users

2014-04-09 12:00

First LCA certificate issued

Major automation provider passed OSADL License Compliance Audit

2012-03-29 12:00 Age: 4 Years

OSADL celebrates one-year anniversary of the QA Farm

By: Carsten Emde

... and presents long-term data of the determinism of mainline Linux real-time

One-year birthday candle

Several systems of the OSADL QA Farm now run for more than a year under continuous monitoring. Among many other variables, we measure the total preemption latency (interrupt processing plus wakeup of a user space process). With two times 100 million wakeup cycles per day, a total of 73 billion cycles are recorded in a year's time.

The below 3D graphs represent a subsample of the more than 50 systems currently under test in the OSADL QA Farm. Each graph consists of more than 730 latency plots put before one another with the time scale running from back to front. A latency plot displays the number of samples within a given latency class (resolution 1 ┬Ás). The logarithmic frequency values at the y-scale ensure that even a single outlier would be displayed (for details of the test procedures and the load scenarios please refer to this description). The absence of any outlier in all the very different systems clearly demonstrates that the perfect determinism of the mainline Linux real-time kernel is a generic feature; it is not restricted to any particular architecture:

Thus, what was believed to be impossible is reality now.

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