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2023-02-01 - 17:49

Real Time Linux Workshops

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Fourth Real-Time Linux Workshop on December 6 to 7, 2002, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Announcement - Agenda - Paper Presentations - Kickstart Sessions - Linux in control Birds of a feather (BOF) session

Linux in control BOF


Real-time Linux kernel variants or even standard Linux kernels are often used for control applications, whether they are embedded or run on desktop computers. In particular, many projects combining open source in general and control evolve on the internet, e.g. matPLC (LinuxPLC) which aims at an implementation of a SoftPLC under Linux, OROCOS a framework for open source robot control, MCA the modular control architecture to name just a few listed here. There are certainly many similar, even not published projects which shows a lot of parallel effort.

During the Real-Time Linux Workshop in Boston, a BOF session on the topic of control employing open source technologies will be organized. The goal of this session is to get people from different control projects together, to discuss what developments could be done in common, whether or not a common real-time core is possible, what kind of funding could be found, what technical meetings could be organized, etc.

For more information contact Herman Bruyninckx or Peter Wurmsdobler.  

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