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2017-09-21 - 21:26

Current OSADL Projects

Realtime Linux

Implement realtime capabilities of the mainline Linux kernel Realtime Linux Kernel, provide professional quality assurance, take care of regular releases of stable versions and organize workshops on Realtime Linux

Safety Critical Linux

Prepare mechanisms to allow for the certification of the Linux kernel Safety Critical Linux

Upstream Submission

Tweak existing off-tree drivers for inclusion into the mainline Linux kernel Upstream Submission

Certification of Board Support Packages

Define minimal requirements of board support packages, install a testing laboratory and certify the conformance of computer boards with these requirements Board Support Packages

Xenomai/SOLO & RTDM

Port the Xenomai Real-Time Framework for Linux to native Linux Xenomai/SOLO, provide a compatibility layer to use RTDM-based drivers under RT-Preempt RTDM-native

Immediate C

"Immediate C": Develop PLC-like control applications in (extended) C language Immediate C

Latency Measurement Box

Develop a stand-alone trigger generator and long-term digital time delay recorder and make it available on loan OSADL Latency Measurement Box

Make KVM realtime-compliant

Support the development of the kvm module in such a way that running a guest system does not interfere with the realtime capabilities of the host system Realtime-kvm

Fieldbus API (FAPI)

Define a universal framework to access fieldbus devices from the application level FAPI


Implement real-time Ethernet master stacks under Linux and submit them upstream, to the Linux kernel whenever possible Real-time Ethernet

Support PREEMPT_RT for Coldfire

Add mainline realtime Linux support for Coldfire (68knommu) Coldfire

Related Open Source projects

A number of Open Source projects are related to OSADL projects and are already used in products or for the development of products, but are not (or not yet) actively supported by OSADL: