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2021-09-17 - 16:03

How to join

Regular member of the cooperative

OSADL is a registered cooperative and invites individuals and companies from all over the world to join in as regular member of the cooperative. To become a regular member is straightforward:

  1. Download the declaration of membership from below, have it completed and signed by someone who has the right to do so and send it to OSADL.
  2. Acquire one, two or three cooperative shares each of 1,000 euros to become Bronze, Silver or Gold member, respectively.
  3. Start to use and enjoy the many legal and technical services OSADL is providing to facilitate conveying Open Source software in industrial products.
  4. Pay the annual contribution as flat-rate service fee in the amount of 8,000 euros per share. Months of the year that have already passed are not counted.

Associate members

In addition, OSADL has associate members - base level for start-ups and small companies and Bronze, Silver and Gold level for other companies who do not want to become a member of the cooperative. More information as well as the respective application forms are available here:

Academic members

Universities and other academic institutes are invited to join in the OSADL community as academic member. More information as well as the application form are available here: