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2023-04-02 - 13:50
OSADL Projects

OSADL Project: Safety Critical Linux

Safety Working Group

This project aims to create procedures and documents that will lead to a facilitated safety certification of a Linux-based product.

In a first step and according to a proposal of Professor Nicholas Mc Guire, OSADL's Safety Coordinator, OSADL has established a Safety Working Group. If you wish to participate at this group, please send an email to the Safety Coordinator.


Based on the activities of the OSADL Safety Working Group and other related events, a strategy was developed that finally led to the creation of the OSADL project SIL2LinuxMP that aims to certify Linux RTOS running on a custom industrial computer hardware.

The materials created in the course of the SIL2LinuxMP project are now available at

Presentations and Documents

Many presentations and documents that were used and created in the context of OSADL Safety Working Group acrtivities are available online.