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2024-07-13 - 23:58

Community Projects

A collection of FOSS projects of OSADL members and other FOSS enthusiasts

C programmers can now develop PLC-like control applications without giving up the computer language they are familiar with. immediate C - iC for short - is an extension of the language C. It utilizes the syntax of C to give meaning to statements that have no semantic support in C. In addition to standard variables, which are modified by the flow of instructions, iC provides so-called "immediate" variables whose values are updated whenever a change of iput calls for an immediate change in output. An efficient Data Flow technique implements this strategy.

This project was developed by John E. Wulff, who made it available under the GPL-2.0-or-later or the Artistic-1.0 license. On a Linux system and particularly on a Raspberry Pi you can clone the whole Git repository from You can find more detailed information on John Wulff's Blog and here.