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Real Time Linux Workshops

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Ninth Real-Time Linux Workshop on November 2 to 4, 2007, in Linz, Austria

Industrial serial digital PID controller in RTlinux

Juan F. Florez, Jaime O. Diaz

In the research and academic university enviroment, the clasic law of control proportional – integral – derivative (PID) is used in a parallel type realization (standard); in the commercial enviroment of industry, however, the PID is being used with a serial type realization because it presents suitable qualities like frecuency response, temporal domain and easy calibration. Additionally this PID includes anti windup (AW) and bumpless transfer (BT) techniques.

This paper explains the design and implementation process of a digital PID controller through a type serial realization including a filter for the differentiator, another one for the setpoint and a AW and BT tecnique. In the validation process, a DC motor´s velocity control plant wich includes an incremental encoder and a power driver is used. They are connected to the parallel port of a PC that run Rtlinux.

Rtlinux is used to calculate, to filter and to feedback velocity to the PID controller which sends the corrective action by using a PWM signal. The velocity control system has a software supervisor that is executed in linux. From this software, users are able to check the plant´s behavior and interact in line with the controller as if it was conventional industrial controller. GTK+extra tool is used for the implementation of the supervisor system.


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