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2023-06-07 - 12:18

OSADL Public Calendar Events


Title: SPS Connect 2020
Start date: 24.11.
End date:  - 26.11.
Organizer: Mesago
Location: Virtual

Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, SPS 2020 will be held only virtually, and the latest trends and innovations in the field of automation will this year be presented in the virtual platform of the exhibition SPS Smart Production Solutions - the SPS Connect. The focus will be on connecting exhibitors and visitors, manufacturers and users and a varied program of lectures on current industry topics.

OSADL, THE community for Open Source software in industry, will be exhibitor of the SPS Connect 2020 and will present its services and solutions there. Would you like to learn all about the ways Open Source software can successfully and compliantly be used in automation industry? Then visit us at this digital meeting place and take the opportunity to exchange ideas with us regardless of where you are located.

SPS Connect Roadmap:

  • The "official" SPS Connect with the lecture program will take place from November 24 to 26, 2020.
  • All registered visitors will have access to the platform from the beginning of November up to and including December 31, 2020. This means that registered visitors can obtain information about the exhibitors and their products and chat with the exhibitors even before the regular date of the event and also afterwards.
  • Appointments for virtual meetings between visitors and exhibitors can be arranged and held via the platform in the period from November 16 to December 4, 2020. The virtual meetings take place directly on the platform, so no additional software needs to be installed.

We would be pleased to meet you online at the SPS Connect 2020 and present our services to you! You may use our discount code SPS2XCNOSA to get a free visitor ticket to the SPS Connect. The discount code will be redeemed in the ticket shop (link see below) at the end of the order process.

Link to OSADL at the SPS ConnectLink Website SPS ConnectLink to SPS Connect ticket shop