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2016-05-30 - 16:26

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2014-11-18 00:00

Linux real-time: New stable release available -

but next one depends on more support from industrial users

2014-04-09 12:00

First LCA certificate issued

Major automation provider passed OSADL License Compliance Audit


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Title: Workshop "Embedded Linux"
Start date: 12.06.
End date:  - 13.06.

This two-day workshop presents state-of-the-art expertise of using Linux in embedded systems. The first workshop day consists of presentations in the morning session and hands-on-sessions in the afternoon. The topics of the presentations range from tool chain, development system, real-time capabilities to quality assessment and license issues. In addition, various examples of successfully realized industrial systems are given. The hands-on-sessions will enable every participant to configure, create, run and test his or her own embedded system. The second day builds on top of the knowledge acquired on day #1 and deals with the details of a PREEMPT_RT Linux real-time system and equipping such systems with a graphical user interface.

The workshop will be held in German language.

The complete workshop program is available here, please use this form to register online.