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2023-06-05 - 01:11

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Title: Innovation Workshop: "Today's security challenges of embedded systems and solutions"
Date: 27.06.
Organizer: CERT@VDE and OSADL

In the good old days when embedded systems were used to control stand-alone machines and did not require any connectivity to the outside world, security did not play a role at all. When controlling and evaluating embedded systems at a higher level it became necessary to connect them to each other and to supervisor systems - but still in the closed environment of an installation. About ten to fifteen years ago, however, embedded systems were increasingly connected to other network peers even outside the protected environment of an installation, and even within an installation, systems were no longer protected as they were before, since malware could be imported into such close environments, e.g. via USB memory sticks or employees' notebooks. This was the time when security would have to be taken into consideration, but - although understandable - many companies only took a more serious approach to security when for the first time one of their embedded systems was owned by someone else and converted into a spam bot or miserably closed down by a denial of service attack.

In contrast to other technologies that had time to be continuously developed, security became virtually overnight an important issue to take care of. Because of this suddenly emerging requirement there was little time to teach and train engineers and to create appropriate company structures to take care of all aspects of computer security. This innovation workshop that is organized jointly by CERT@VDE and OSADL, therefore, takes up this challenge and presents an agenda that covers many important aspects of equipping today's embedded systems with protective software not only during runtime of the systems but also during their development.

Recommended audience of the workshop are software developers, system integrators, security officers, field application engineers, or, in other words, everyone who is responsible or maybe confronted with security issues of embedded systems.

The workshop will be held in English language.

For more information please go to the workshop event site: Innovation Workshop: "Today's security challenges of embedded systems and solutions"

The registration form for the workshop can be found here: Registration form