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2020-06-02 - 17:51

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Title: Innovations-Workshop: "Security-Anforderungen an Embedded Systeme - speziell im IoT"
Date: 21.11.
Organizer: CERT@VDE and OSADL

The increasing complexity of today's embedded systems makes it more and more difficult to create software that is free of errors and ready as it is during its entire lifetime. In consequence, it is required to implement update mechanisms to protect the embedded systems from unauthorized access and consecutive malfunction. A particular difficulty arises to also protect the update mechanism against any form of interception that could lead to an exploited system after the update. Many developers of embedded systems have a long history of working with micro-controllers - sometimes programmed in assembly language - without any interface so they might not have sufficient knowledge to master this challenge. And this exactly is the reason why the current workshop is organized: to provide state-of-the-art information for a save and secure field update of embedded systems.

The workshop will be held mainly in German language.

For more information and registration please click here: Innovations-Workshop: "Security-Anforderungen an Embedded Systeme - speziell im IoT"