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2021-05-12 - 16:21
2007-06-22 12:00 Age: 14 Years

OSADL General Assembly 2007

By: Carsten Emde

All our activities confirmed and approved unanimously

The presentation ... and

... the audience

On June 21, 2007, OSADL's 1st General Assembly was held at the Geno building in Stuttgart, Germany.

First of all, a great thank you to all our member companies for making it possible that at least one representative of every company could attend the meeting. With this 100% presence of the members, the legal requirements were exceeded by far.

All decisions were taken by unanimous vote without abstention.

OSADL is contributing to the community

The report of the manager also included an overview about the various software projects OSADL is delegating on behalf of its members, for example:

  • Continuous development and maintenance of the realtime-preempt patches
  • Porting the RTDM interface to be used in conjunction with the mainline kernel
  • Upstream submission of kernel components
  • Industrial I/O framework

Next time you download the Linux kernel and you find that it is somewhat better suitable than before for projects of the machine and automation industry, think a moment. A (still very small, but growing) part of it may have been added in one of the OSADL projects.

A new project and a new member of the OSADL team

Among others, the installation of the Safety Critical Linux project was decided. This project is led by Professor Nicholas Mc Guire who is joining the OSADL team as our Safety Coordinator. Welcome Nicholas!