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2020-10-28 - 07:10
2006-09-20 17:42 Age: 14 Years

Linux 2.6.18

By: Thomas Gleixner

An important step towards providing real-time performance in the standard Linux kernel

As some of you might have already noticed, Linus Torvalds released
2.6.18 tonight.

Also the high resolution timer / dynamic tick patch set and the realtime
preemption patch set have been refactored to the new kernel release.

The forward port of the realtime patch set was quite complex, as 2.6.18
contains significant changes in the same areas due to the merge of the
lock dependency validator.

The detailed announce can be found here:

2.6.18-rt1 is likely to be subtly broken, so we need as much testing and
feedback as possible.

The patch is available from:

Feedback, bugreports, patches either to the Linux kernel mailing list or
to this list are welcome.