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2019-06-16 - 07:13
2008-03-20 12:00 Age: 11 Years

Philippe Gerum + Denx + OSADL = Xenomai/SOLO

By: Carsten Emde

Port existing VxWorks applications smoothly to native Linux


Xenomai/SOLO is here!

OSADL not only creates and develops new Open Source projects for the machine and automation industry. OSADL also takes care that existing software can easily be ported; this ensures that the software longevity is increased and the considerable investments in machine and automation software is protected.

One of these projects that aim to provide migration paths and to smooth porting of existing RTOS software is the Xenomai/SOLO project that has been released today. It was developed and contributed by Phillipe Gerum co-sponsored by Denx Software Engineering and OSADL.

Wolfgang Denk, CEO of OSADL founding member Denx Software Engineering: "Denx Software Engineering is proud to announce Xenomai/SOLO, the new RTOS emulator that runs as a normal user-space application."

And Xenomai developer Phillipe Gerum adds: "Unlike the co-kernel based Xenomai version, SOLO does not require any kernel support from additional modules or patches. It is fully based on the standard POSIX library, and runs as a regular process controlled by a single image Linux kernel. As a first step, a VxWorks emulator has just been rebuilt over this new framework."

More details are available in this Linuxdevices article. In addition, project details and download information are available here.