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2007-02-11 22:00 Age: 14 Years

OSADL in the press

By: Carsten Emde

Read about OSADL and the technology we are promoting

Elektronik, 3/2007

Computer und Automation, 2/2007

Automation & Drives, 1+2/2007

Read about OSADL everywhere. And about the technology we are promoting.

  • Here is an in-depth report of the various components of the "Realtime-Preempt Patches". In addition, this article contains a description of the newly availabe Kernel Virtual Machine (kvm). "Linux wird echtzeitfähig" by Carsten Emde & Thomas Gleixner, Elektronik 3/2007, Opens internal link in current windowOffprint
  • How does real-time work? How is real-time performance measured? What are the differences between the "Realtime-Preempt Patches" and real-time extensions? "Echtzeit inklusive" by Carsten Emde and Robert Schwebel, Computer und Automation, 2/2007, Opens internal link in current windowOffprint
  • Embedded Linux has now reached a market share of 11 to 15% as the Venture Development Corporation (VDC) recently reported. It is expected that this value will grow to at least 20% in 2008. Read more about the reasons behind this evolution in "Absage an Lizenzkosten" by Heinz Egger, Automation & Drives, 1+2/2007, Opens internal link in current windowOffprint

Unfortunately, these articles are available in German language only. We promise that the next article we write will be in English.