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2019-06-26 - 20:24
2007-03-18 12:00 Age: 12 Years

Upstream Submission Program Launched

By: Carsten Emde

OSADL: We take care that the mainline Linux kernel supports everything our members need.

Example of the usefulness of hardware-monitoring

The first Linux kernel components have been added to the recently launched "OSADL Upstream Submission Program". Two of the components relate to sensor chips, the Maxim 6650 (mx6650) and the National Semiconductor LM93 (lm93) driver. The mx6650 has already been accepted for inclusion into the mainline kernel and is scheduled for kernel version 2.6.22, the lm93 is currently being tweaked to match the acceptance criteria.

Many CPU boards - even boards that are uniquely used in desktop computers - are now equipped with sensor chips. When integrated into often unmanned embedded systems or servers, however, they are especially useful. The following may serve as an example: The above temperature plot has been generated using the open-source monitoring software Opens external link in new windowMunin that received its data from a sensor chip. End of July, there was a problem with the air-conditioning system - without the alarm that the monitoring system generated, severe hardware damage would have occurred. (As a side effect, the plot also documents the long and hot summer 2006 and the unusually warm period in January 2007.)

Unfortunately, there is a wide variety of sensor chips, and the mainline kernel currently supports only some of them. OSADL helps to improve this situation.