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2022-08-13 - 05:19

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13th Real-Time Linux Workshop from October 20 to 22 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

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COMEDI and UIO drivers for PCI Multifunction Data Acquisition and Generic I/O Cards and Their QEMU Virtual Hardware Equivalents

Pavel Píša, Czech Technical University in Prague
Rostislav Lisový, Czech Technical University in Prague

The article describes implementation of UIO and Comedi drivers for Humusoft MF624 and MF614 cards. Basic functions (D/A, A/D converters, digital inputs/outputs) of Humusoft MF624 card were implemented into the Qemu emulator as well which enables to experiment with drivers implementation without physical access to the cards and risk of data lost when drivers are developed and tested on same primary Linux kernel instance. The article can help newcomers in the area to gain knowledge required to implement support for other similar cards and these cards hardware emulation. The matching real and virtual setup can be used in operating system courses for practical introduction to simple drivers implementation and helps with understanding internal computation world with real world computers interfacing.

The target cards are part of many control theory education laboratory setups and models at our department as well. The designed drivers are fundamental step to allow use of these cards and experiments with Matlab Real-Time Workshop or Scilab Scicos from GNU/Linux environment.

All source codes are available from GIT repository described at the project page.