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2021-06-20 - 02:56

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Usable Simulink Embedded Coder Target for Linux

Michal Sojka, Czech Technical University in Prague
Pavel Píša, Czech Technical University in Prague

Matlab/Simulink is a commercial tool used by many researchers and engineers worldwide to design and develop various systems, usually containing a lot of mathematical computations. Simulink allows not only to simulate such systems but also to create their prototype or even final implementations. The system is first designed in a graphical way in the form of a data-flow graph and then the Embedded Coder can be used to generate and compile C code of the graphical model. Simulink Embedded Coder already contains support for several popular embedded boards running Linux such as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBoard but it can be only used on Windows hosts. Support for Linux targets on Linux hosts is very problematic. Moreover the generated code is not optimally tuned for RT_PREEMPT Linux.

In this paper we describe a custom developed Embedded Coder target that does not suffer from the above mentioned shortcomings and is freely available for use. The Simulink block sets for an I/O card and for Linux CAN subsystem are described as well. The emphasis on how the target can be extended with other needed blocks. The target was used for two application (robotic control and hardware-in-the-loop testing) that are also briefly covered.