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2024-06-14 - 05:56

Paperless OSADL Brochures

The OSADL Postcard "Solutions@OSADL"

The title graphics gives a quick overview about the solutions you can expect from OSADL.

The OSADL company flyer

This is a very short overview about OSADL's services with respect to legal and technical aspects of using Open Source software in industry and particularly when such software is embedded in industrial products.

The OSADL company presentation (short overview version)

Have a look into this short brochure to get an overview of the various OSADL services.

The OSADL company presentation (long version)

Have a look into this complete brochure, if you would like to learn what OSADL is all about, which services OSADL delivers and how a company may become OSADL member.

Whitepaper of using Open Source software in industry

Why should a company use or even write Open Source software? Is Open Source always suitable, or are there no-go areas? How can Open Source generate profit and business? If you always were looking for answers to such questions, you may wish to read this whitepaper.

Whitepaper zur Nutzung on Open Source-Software in der Industrie

The OSADL QA Farm flyer

Look at this short info flyer to understand the rationale of running a test center and providing long-term monitoring data for quality assessment and assurance of Linux-based embedded systems.

The OSADL QA Farm description

Read this brochure, if you would like to better understand why OSADL runs its QA Farm and how the provided long-term data may help in the everyday's routine of embedded systems engineers.

Beschreibung der OSADL QA-Farm

The OSADL OSSelot project

See the back of the OSSeleot flyer to get a first insight into the O project.