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2024-04-16 - 12:25

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2023-11-12 12:00

Open Source License Obligations Checklists even better now

Import the checklists to other tools, create context diffs and merged lists

2023-03-01 12:00

Embedded Linux distributions

Results of the online "wish list"

2022-01-13 12:00

Phase #3 of OSADL project on OPC UA PubSub over TSN successfully completed

Another important milestone on the way to interoperable Open Source real-time Ethernet has been reached

2021-02-09 12:00

Open Source OPC UA PubSub over TSN project phase #3 launched

Letter of Intent with call for participation is now available

OSADL Special Events

OSADL Special Events

Ordinary General Assembly 2023 (English version) - Ordentliche Generalversammlung 2023 (deutsche Version)

OSADL Ordinary General Assembly 2023

The Supervisory Board of the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) eG invites the regular members of the cooperative society to the Ordinary General Assembly which will be organized via telecommunication technology (Virtual General Assembly). The voting will take place online or alternatively by postal voting.

Information on telecommunications and on the written form will be made available to the persons entitled to participate or vote in good time before the event.


June 15, 2023

Starting time:

10:00am CEST (from 9:00am CEST onwards: possibility to test the video conferencing system)


Welcome and introduction of the chairman. Information with regard to the technical procedure of the General Assembly, in particular the voting procedure and the possibilities of the various forms of participation.

Agenda topics

Topic 1:


Topic 2:

Report of the Board of Directors on the financial year 2022, presentation of the financial statements as of December 31, 2022, and proposal for the allocation of the annual result.

TOP 3:

Report of the Supervisory Board

TOP 4:

Report on audits performed

TOP 5:

Approval of the financial statements as of December 31, 2022 and vote

TOP 6:

Decision-making on the allocation of the annual result and vote

TOP 7:

Discharge of the
a) Board of Directors for the financial year 2022 and vote
b) Supervisory Board for the financial year 2022 and vote

TOP 8:

Elections to the Supervisory Board

TOP 9:


Expected approx. 12:00pm CEST: End of the OSADL Ordinary General Assembly

The required documents will be available for inspection by authorized persons at the office of the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) eG, Im Neuenheimer Feld 583, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany, from May 25, 2023. In addition, the documents are also accessible online this year; interested authorized persons may write to the OSADL office (officeª in order to receive the related access information.

Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) eG
For the Supervisory Board
Axel Berghoff, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Heidelberg, March 29, 2023

Information with regard to the procedure of the General Assembly, particularly in view of the virtual form

  • The conference language of the General Assembly is German. Simultaneous interpretation into English will be provided, if requested in time.
  • In case the authorized representative of a member company is unable to participate in the virtual General Assembly, the company may assign another person. In this case, the assigned person needs to be authorized to exercise the voting rights at the General Assembly. A template of a suitable proxy letter may be obtained at the OSADL office (officeª on request.
  • The General Meeting takes place in virtual form, i.e. via a video conferencing system. Participants require broadband Internet access and a computer with speakers and microphone or headset. The computer may additionally be equipped with a camera so participants can see the speaker. The browser must be Google Chrome, Chromium, or Opera. Alternatively, participants can dial in by phone. Access data and further information will be sent to the authorized persons by email shortly before the event.
  • Voting at this General Assemby will take place via an online voting tool or by postal voting. The online voting tool can be operated with current versions of all common web browsers. Persons entitled to vote will receive the necessary information by email shortly before the event. If using the online voting tool is impossible for the persons entitled to vote for any reason, an alternative voting in writing is offered. In this case, persons entitled to vote may contact the OSADL office by email (officeª not later than June 7, 2023, so appropriate voting documents can be provided in time.