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2021-11-29 - 16:40

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Preemption latency of real-time Linux systems

How to measure it – and how to fix it, if it's too high?

Details of the Real Time Linux Foundation Working Group Project

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Real Time Linux Workshops

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Twelfth Real-Time Linux Workshop on October 25 to 27, in Nairobi, Kenya

The basis for Real-Time Ethernet protocols in Linux

Thomas Gleixner and Sebastian Siewior, Linutronix GmbH, Germany

Even if the latest PREEMPT_RT patched Linux kernel is used, the network stack can inflict unbound latencies on real-time Ethernet protocols due to:

  • Socket buffer allocations
  • Traffic congestion with non real-time traffic

In a proof-of-concept implementation, the following mechanisms are used
to overcome the above limitations:

  • Generic preallocated socket buffer pools
  • Protocol-specific traffic policing and traffic shaping

This approach is minimally invasive to the network stack and has zero impact when the real-time protocol related functions are not enabled:

  • Network card drivers require no or minimal changes to support preallocated buffer pools
  • Traffic control is modular and only loaded and enabled when required
  • No restriction on network tools and network functionality

The paper does not cover the complex user space part of real-time Ethernet protocols.