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2020-01-29 - 09:06
Details of the Real Time Linux Foundation Working Group Project

OSADL Project: Real Time Linux Workshops

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Real Time Linux Workshops

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Eleventh Real-Time Linux Workshop on September 28 to 30, in Dresden, Germany



Guanghui Cheng, SISE, Lanzhou University, Gansu, China
Nicholas Mc Guire, SISE, Lanzhou University, Gansu, China
Qingguo Zhou, SISE, Lanzhou University, Gansu, China
Lian Li, SISE, Lanzhou University, Gansu, China

PaRTiKle is an open-source real-time OS for embedded device, a replacement for the core of RTLinux/GPL and it is named eRTL, too. PaRTiKle is designed to be platform independent and could provide POSIX PSE 51 interface so it has been ported to other hardware such as ARM and X86 and it could also run as a domain in the XtratuM nanokernel. L4/Fiasco is a microkernel developed for real-time and security purpose in the DROPS group of the TU-Dresden. This paper describes the architecture and implementation of PaRTiKle (eRTL) on top of L4/Fiasco and finally give the benchmark about this porting.