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2020-09-25 - 00:35
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RTAI in CAN bus based Network Control of CNC for plasma cutting

Peter Fodrek, Slovak University of Technology
Martin Foltin, Slovak University of Technology
Vladimir Chren, First Welding Company
Farkas, Slovak University of Technology
Michal Blaho, Slovak University of Technology
Tomáš Murgaš, Sypin

This paper describes how to use CNC industrial CAN bus interface based control for plasma cutting machine, using RTAI, Lenze drives and Permanent magnet synchronous motors. The program consists of two parts, a C based RTAI part using kernel modules and a JAVA based GUI part. Comunication is done via Realtime FIFOS. Cutting trajectory is built in an NC program language which was developed in early 90's. The conversion from dxf files will be made by next version of CAMExpert because current version is not suitable for this purpose. For the time being, we are using an MS-DOS based program via VirtualBOX OSE where the author has corrected reported bugs in CAMExpert.

We used two CAN adapters Adlink PCI 7841 and 2 ports opto isolated version of Peak systems PeakCAN PCAN-PCI.
We used own code derived form CAN Festival card driver for Adlink card because original code does not work with some revions of Adlink SJA1000 based cards as our card is. It is not driver but kernel module with interface to deal with our program.

We use PeakSystems RTDM driver for its card.

The paper will describe how system was built, which problems are realated to realisation of device our contribution to the community of CAN Festival CAMExpert and how to deal with Mechanical Engineers for development of mechatronical system.