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2020-01-29 - 05:15
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Eleventh Real-Time Linux Workshop on September 28 to 30, in Dresden, Germany


RTAI based measuring and control over EtherCAT

Peter Fodrek, Slovak university of Technology
Jaroslav Kamenský, Slovak university of Technology

This paper describes how a measuring and control demo for an EtherCAT master was built.

It explains an RTAI-based EtherCAT master. It will be shown how to build it and which hardware it supports in which version. We will show a kernel module application with a Java based GUI frontend. The workplace contains an EtherCAT bus with analog I/O modules and analog computer to simulate analog process.  The worspace is intended as a demo for students to teach how to use and build Linux-based control systems on distributed bus. Communication between the front end and the kernel module backend is based on RT FIFOS.