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2022-08-14 - 21:21

Associate Members Gold/Silver/Bronze

  • OSADL Associate Member Bronze

An alternative to the regular membership in the cooperative is the associate membership gold/silver/bronze. The rationale behind this type of membership is that acquiring shares of a cooperative and become regular member may not always be an easy task, especially for large corporations. Therefore, such corporations are invited to apply for an associate membership gold/silver/bronze and may enjoy equal access to OSADL services as their regular member counterparts, but have no say in the company's fortunes. The membership fee amounts to one and a half times higher than for regular members.

Associate members gold/silver/bronze may use the respective bronze, silver or gold associate member logo in printed material and on their website. In addition to associate members gold/silver/bronze, OSADL has associate members base level for individuals and small companies or start-ups, associate members organization for organizations, regular members and academic members.

Application forms for an associate membership gold/silver/bronze in the Open Source Automation Development Lab are available in English and German language (PDF format).

The following companies are associate members gold/silver/bronze of the Open Source Automation Development Lab:

Associate Members Poster

The current version of the poster of OSADL associate members is available here.