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Real Time Linux Workshops

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Fifth Real-Time Linux Workshop on November 9 to 11, 2003, in Valencia, Spain

Kick start sessions

Kickstart sessions will be offered during the workshop in parallel to all workshop sessions, lasting about 2h each. These sessions are free of charge and open to anybody interested in getting a hands-on idea of how the real-time extensions to Linux are used and a very brief intro to the concepts. Sign up at the registration desk.


  • Introduce the concepts of ADEOS briefly
  • patch up a kernel for use with ADEOS
  • Compile and reinstall the system for use with ADEOS
  • Launche RTAI as a RT-domain under ADEOS control
  • Run a simple RTAI example program


  • Install a Linux System from scratch
  • Patch and Install a RTAI kernel
  • Compile the sample programs
  • Run your first RTAI programs


  • Install a RTLinux system from scratch
  • Compile the RTLinux example programs
  • Compile a little sample program
  • Run your first RTLinux program

Goal of the Kickstart session: If you walk out the door you should be able to install a realtime Linux version over your Windows installation at home and get Linux up and running within 2h !

Slackware 9.1 (Download edition) is provided to participants, all real-time software is provided on the proceedings CD along with the printed proceedings .


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