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2021-09-29 - 04:34
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OSADL Project: "Latest Stable" PREEMPT_RT realtime Linux kernel

"Latest Stable" main page - Criteria - Examples

What is a "Latest Stable" realtime Linux kernel version?

In short, the "Latest Stable" version of a PREEMPT_RT Linux kernel indicates that - although thoroughly tested - there are no known problems that might prevent this kernel from being used in industrial products. This is needed, since the development strategy of the PREEMPT_RT patches does not define a clear-cut release such as in the mainline kernel where the disappearance of the "-rcN" version suffix marks a release.

The recommended "Latest Stable" PREEMPT_RT kernel version is given below. The procedure that leads to this label and some examples of regression and problem analysis are given on subsequent pages.

Access to the following pages currently is restricted to OSADL members and kernel developers.