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2022-01-27 - 12:04
OSADL Projects

OSADL Project: Realtime Kernel Live CD

To evaluate the performance of a Realtime Kernel is a demanding task. This project was launched to assist the production of comparable benchmarks on as much different hardware platforms as possible. The need of unexperienced users to get a first impression of a Realtime Linux system was a second incitement to start the project.

The result is a Live CD based on Knoppix and containing an up-to-date Realtime Kernel as described in the corresponding OSADL project.

The system is directly booted from the CD. An automatically started benchmark tool will run a measurement of the scheduling latency during one minute. To simulate high system stress, a CPU load of nearly hundred percent is produced by a tool called hackbench. The result is visualized in a GNUPlot diagram marking the worst-case scheduling latency.

To see the results of the Realtime Kernel measurements on your own platform please follow these steps:

  • Download the ISO image and burn a CD ROM (e.g. using commandline tools like cdrecord or graphical tools such as xcdroast).
  • Boot the system from the CD and wait for the test to finish...


The source code is available from the SVN repository. The username for anonymous  read-only access is "anon", the password is "anon" too.

Contact the project team, if you want to participate and to obtain write access to the repository.

In addition, a source browser is availablehere.