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2017-02-26 - 09:17

OSADL Board Support Packages (BSPs)


With its highly qualified staff, OSADL has gained over the years solid experience in the field of Linux-based embedded systems through the various projects it has carried out – mostly related to creating and running its QA Farm. The OSADL QA Farm is a test center currently comprising more than hundred real-time embedded Linux systems that are thoroughly tested for stability and functionality of each and every component. We are now responding to a number of related customer requests and are offering complete ready-to-use hardware platforms of widely used standard systems with support and training.

Freescale i.MX6-based embedded real-time system with premium support

This product is based on Freescale's SABRE i.MX6 evaluation board which comes in two different flavors, Smart Device and Automotive Infotainment, that are both supported. The delivery includes the configured and tested hardware equipped with the most recent real-time Linux kernel. The root filesystem is based on a standard Debian distribution and is prepared to run the various tools in a very similar way as at the OSADL QA Farm. Last not least, the product includes a 12-months premium support with 48-hour reaction time on work days plus two days in-house training. This support and training covers the entire functionality of the Linux kernel while focusing on its deterministic response (real-time). The latter is especially important when using the board in control systems such as autonomous driving. Read more here.