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2022-07-02 - 01:41

Current OSADL Projects

Technology projects

Realtime Linux

Implement realtime capabilities of the mainline Linux kernel Realtime Linux Kernel, provide professional quality assurance, take care of regular releases of stable versions and organize workshops on Realtime Linux

Make KVM realtime-compliant

Support the development of the kvm module in such a way that running a guest system does not interfere with the realtime capabilities of the host system Realtime-kvm

Latency Measurement Box

Develop a stand-alone trigger generator and long-term digital time delay recorder and make it available on loan OSADL Latency Measurement Box

Safety Critical Linux

Prepare mechanisms to allow for the certification of the Linux kernel Safety Critical Linux

OPC UA with Pub/Sub over TSN

Equip the existing Open Source implementation open62541 with Publish/Subscribe features and provide real-time capabilities with TSN in a project of a joint interest group between Fraunhofer IOSB, Kalycito Infotech and OSADL.

Immediate C

"Immediate C": Develop PLC-like control applications in (extended) C language Immediate C

Legal projects

Open Source license checklists

Create checklists of Open Source license obligations in a standardized way (see related News Article) and have them acknowledged by an international working group of lawyers, legal specialists and interested laymen in an on-line collaborative project.