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2020-10-22 - 08:10


  • Implement realtime capabilities of the mainline Linux kernel Realtime Linux Kernel, provide professional quality assurance, take care of regular releases of stable versions and organize workshops on Realtime Linux.
  • Prepare mechanisms to allow for the certification of the Linux kernel Safety Critical Linux
  • Tweak existing off-tree drivers for inclusion into the mainline Linux kernel Upstream Submission
  • Define minimal requirements of board support packages, install a testing laboratory and certify the conformance of computer boards with these requirements Board Support Packages
  • Port the Xenomai Real-Time Framework for Linux to native Linux Xenomai/SOLO
  • Provide a compatibility layer to use RTDM-based drivers under RT-Preempt RTDM-native
  • "Immediate C": Develop PLC-like control applications in (extended) C language Immediate C
  • Develop a stand-alone trigger generator and long-term digital time delay recorder and make it available on loan OSADL Latency Measurement Box
  • Support the development of the kvm module in such a way that running a guest system does not interfere with the realtime capabilities of the host system Realtime-kvm
  • Define a universal framework to access fieldbus devices from the application level FAPI
  • Provide support for real-time Ethernet boards to the Linux kernel Real-time Ethernet
  • Add realtime Linux support for Coldfire (68knommu) to RT-Preempt Coldfire