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2015-11-26 - 13:21

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2015-10-05 12:00

Real-time Linux on the go!

Real-time capabilities of the mainline Linux kernel - also known as PREEMPT_RT patches - have a long and predominantly successful history. It is ...

2014-11-18 00:00

Linux real-time: New stable release available -

but next one depends on more support from industrial users

2014-04-09 12:00

First LCA certificate issued

Major automation provider passed OSADL License Compliance Audit


OSADL Public Calendar Events


Title: OSADL Networking Day 2013
Start date: 28.05.
Organizer: OSADL


Final program 2013

The final program is available here. The two main topics of the Networking Day are "How to select an appropriate Linux distribution for embedded systems, if any?" and "Linux certification: OSADL SIL2LinuxMP project and research status".


The purpose of the OSADL Networking Day is to improve networking and collaboration among OSADL and its members including academic and sponsoring members. It was based on an initiative of several members of the OSADL Supervisory Board and was first organized in 2012. The overwhelmingly positive feedback of the 2012 event was a clear message to organize another Networking Day this year.


In addition to technical and scientific presentations of selected topics (30 minutes), we will organize product-related sessions with short communications (10 minutes) and table-top presentations. In all these sessions, participants will be given the opportunity to present details of current strategies and developments including new services and products that may be important to all of us. Reports on currently unresolved issues and pending decision-making are also welcome.

All presentations should be somewhat related to our goal, i.e. to facilitate and improve the usage of Open Source software in the industry.


Topics include but are not restricted to

  • Using and improving particular Open Source software
    • Real-time Linux
    • Core components of the Linux kernel
    • Debugging and tracing of the Linux kernel
    • Linux drivers
    • Real-time Ethernet
    • Embedded Linux distributions
    • Board support packages
    • Integrated development environments
    • Programmable logic controllers for Open Source systems
  • Licensing Open Source Software
  • Dealing with patents in the context of Open Source software
  • Using Open Source software in a safety-critical environment
  • Industrial processors and chipsets with Open Source support
  • Industrial computer boards with Open Source support
  • Automation components with Open Source support


Unrestricted participation is only available for OSADL members. However, a limited number of seats are available for non-members who are interested in OSADL's work and would like to learn more about OSADL. Please let us know, if your company is not yet OSADL member and you would like to be invited. These seats for non-members will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, OSADL members may propose guest companies to be invited.