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2020-07-15 - 20:09

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Title: SPS smart production solutions 2019
Start date: 26.11.
End date:  - 28.11.
Organizer: Mesago
Location: Nuremberg Fair

SPS smart production solutions 2019

As you may know OSADL has a long a successful history of taking care of real-time Linux. But what would a real-time operating system be without real-time communication? Fortunately, there is realistic hope that an old dream will become true and an Open Source implementation of TSN based OPC UA will be available. Does this sound interesting to you? Then do not miss this year's OSADL booth in hall 6-201 at the SPS smart production solutions exhibition 2019 in Nuremberg/Germany. Here you will learn all the exciting news about OPC UA, PubSub and TSN along with a state-of-the-art demonstrator - of course, we will present all the other aspects of using Open Source software in industry as well.

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We are looking forward to meeting you in Nuremberg!

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