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2018-04-20 - 18:42

OSADL Public Calendar Events


Title: Fourth Embedded Linux Week
Start date: 18.03.
End date:  - 22.03.
Organizer: Vogel Business Media GmbH & Co.KG

The fourth Embedded Linux Week will be organized in a close collaboration between Vogel Business Media, OSADL Sponsoring Member IT-Klinger, bitshift dynamics and OSADL. It will be held in German language and take place at the Vogel Convention Center Würzburg from March 18 to 23, 2013. More details are available at the Home page The program is here (in German language).

All participants will receive an external USB notebook disk with a complete pre-installed cross development system and a Phytec phyCORE AM3359 embedded system. This hardware is included in the workshop fee; it will be used throughout the entire workshop and can be taken home.

Seminar 1: Embedded-Linux vom Anfänger zum Könner, five-day class  booked up

Seminar 2: Embedded-Linux vom Könner zum Experten, five-day class

Seminar 3: Grafikoberflächen entwickeln mit Qt, three-day class