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2019-06-16 - 06:42
2009-03-15 12:00 Age: 10 Years

Hartelijk welkom bij het OSADL!

By: Carsten Emde

Protonic Holland B.V. is OSADL member now

Protonic Holland B.V.

Protonic Holland B.V., The Netherlands

The Open Source Automation Development Lab is glad to announce that Protonic Holland B.V. was accepted today as a new regular OSADL member. Protonic is the first Dutch company at OSADL. The company has been developing and building industrial control units and industrial automation systems since 1972. Its main business is embedded systems and it provides design support and all the production processes required for the manufacture of products or product parts.

Welcome Protonic! We will do our best to make your membership as successful as possible - the OSADL projects undertaken together certainly will make life easier for all of us.