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2023-02-02 - 15:57
Protonic Holland B.V.

Protonic Holland B.V. was founded in 1972, starting in design of industrial control-units and system integration for industrial automation. The limited availability of standard control systems in these days made it necessary to develop control parts from basic electronics components. Our industrial application knowledge and also an external limited offer of Contract Electronics Manufacturing services led to our own electronics production activities.

Present activities: Electronics design and manufacturing is our core business and focused on mid-volume series in many different custom/product combinations. Similar implementations for different applications fields and the necessarily spread in customers/markets combinations (for our company growth and still customer/market protection) was the reason for not being more concentrated on the industrial markets.

Identity:The general trend of shorter product life cycles asks for flexible production and regular product redesign. Especially for the last, we are in particular your production partner with our electronics designing background. With our design knowledge and experience, we can also realize the components synchronization for different product/customer combinations and on that way we are able to decrease the cost price and increase the delivery flexibility.

Today, Protonic is an established and well-know organization for electronics design and production, with plants in the Netherlands, Chile and a Joint Venture in Russia, strongly positioned in the co-maker market segment (special supplier for Original Equipment Manufactures) within the Contract Electronics Manufacturing business. Our activities are focused on embedded electronics (application specific hardware and software) with product design support and all the necessary production processes for the realization of your product or sub-assembly - a real one-stop service.

Protonic Holland B.V.
Factorij 36, NL-1689 AL Zwaag, The Netherlands