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2021-07-29 - 03:49
2008-11-24 12:00 Age: 13 Years

We are 25 now!

By: Carsten Emde

OSADL welcomes its new member Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH, Ettlingen, Germany

Not only that we all can see further, since we are standing on the shoulders of giants, the number of shoulders OSADL is standing on is also steadily increasing. We are very happy to announce that OSADL accepted the Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH in Ettlingen, Germany, as regular member #25!

"We are currently evaluating our first Linux-based embedded system and count on the OSADL community to get minimum worst-case latencies of the system with mainline Linux and CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT", said David Pluntze, software developer at Hirschmann. And yes, of course, OSADL will do every effort to make the Linux project at Hirschmann and the membership of our new member as successful as possible.