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2020-10-22 - 08:13

OSADL At First Glance

A quick overview of OSADL

What is OSADL?

OSADL aims to promote and support the development of Open Source software for the automation industry. OSADL is an international cooperative registered in Germany and accepts member companies from all over the world. In addition, universities and other research institutions may become academic OSADL members.

How does it work?

Among others, OSADL acts as a "purchase community": The membership fees are used to delegate the development of Open Source software projects the majority of members has requested or at least agreed to. Current projects are focused on Realtime and Safety Critical Linux, on Board Support Packages, on an RTDM compatibility layer, and many other topics relevant for the automation industry.

What can I get from this Website?



Published Articles

  • A total of 9 articles on OSADL, Linux, Realtime etc. in 2006
  • A total 11 articles in 2007, e.g. Native mainline Linux: fit for embedded and real-time systems, boards & solutions, 3/2007 (PDF)
  • A total of 15 articles in 2008, e.g. In Germany, Open Source Takes Hold, Control Engineering Europe, 6-7/2008 (PDF)
  • More articles in 2009, e.g. Open Source industrial software: more hype or a new, better way? Industrial Ethernet Book, 05/2009 (PDF)

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