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2021-07-26 - 14:57

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2021-02-09 12:00

Open Source OPC UA PubSub over TSN project phase #3 launched

Letter of Intent with call for participation is now available

2016-11-12 12:00

Raspberry Pi and real-time Linux

Let's have a look at the OSADL QA Farm data

2016-09-17 12:00

Preemption latency of real-time Linux systems

How to measure it – and how to fix it, if it's too high?

OSADL Special Events

OSADL Special Events

COOL - Compact OSADL Online Lectures

Virtual, by live video streams and video conference

Upcoming COOL webinars - Registration - COOL Presentations and video clips (Member or participant login required to display material of advanced lectures)

What is COOL?

COOL - Compact OSADL Online Lectures: Open Source meets Industry

  • COOL is a new OSADL webinar series.
  • COOL takes place regularly once a month and covers new and state-of-the-art topics on Open Source software in industry, either on legal or on technical aspects.
  • COOL editions each consist of two lectures covering a special "Open Source meets industry" topic followed by a discussion round. The first "basic" lecture provides basic knowledge with regard to the respective topic and the second "advanced" lecture dives deeper into the topic and highlights special aspects. The discussion round gives all participants the possibility to ask questions and discuss with the respective speakers and the audience.
  • COOL speakers are OSADL experts on the one hand and external specialists on the other hand who kindly agreed to share their expert knowledge on the respective topic.
  • COOL is a virtual event. The lectures are held by live video streams. Speakers will be available for questions and discussion in a video conference which will take part subsequent to the live video streams.
  • COOL in general is designed to provide support how to best and compliantly use Open Source software in industry.

Upcoming COOL webinars

  • June, July, August 2021: COOL "takes a break" from June to August and will be continued in September 2021.
  • September 22, 2021 (2pm to 4pm CEST): Distributing Docker container applications: Legal challenges and solutions
  • October 20, 2021 (2pm to 4pm CEST): Time synchronization for TSN: How to obtain both stable and correct time
  • November 17, 2021 (2pm to 4pm CET): Open Source software license compliance certification and how to get there
  • December 15, 2021 (2pm to 4pm CEST): Accelerated graphics with real-time. How do they play together? Part 2 with special consideration of ARM processors

The full agendas and more details about the COOL fall editions and the respective speakers will be available soon.

Download of COOL overview September - December 2021 as PDF file

Past COOL webinars

(Click on title to expand display.)

Please click on the respective COOL edition in order to display the full agenda and more details about the lectures and the respective guest speakers.

Download of COOL overview January - May 2021 as PDF file

COOL conference language

The COOL sessions will be in English language.

COOL registration

Please use the online registration form to register for a particular COOL edition: Online registration form (Registration for the upcoming 2021 fall COOL editions will be possible soon)

The links to the video sessions and to the discussion rounds by video conference will be sent to the registered participants shortly before the event.

COOL participation fee

Participation in COOL is free of charge.

How to ask questions during COOL?

Of course, participants of COOL may ask questions during the video conference following the live video streams either by directly talking to the speakers or using the chat function. In addition, participants may submit questions using the question form we have designed for that purpose: Question form

COOL feedback

We would appreciate if participants of COOL completed and submitted the following feedback questionnaire in order to better meet their requirements and consider their suggestions in future events: Feedback sheet. Thanks in advance.

COOL presentations

The presentations and video clips of COOL will be made available after the event. Material of basic lectures will be publicly available, material of advanced lectures will be available exclusively for OSADL members or participants with login.

COOL Presentations and video clips (Member or participant login required to display material of advanced lectures)

Privacy policy

When you register for participation in the event you agree that the personal data you enter in the registration form will be processed at OSADL as necessary (see our privacy policy).

You may revoke this agreement at any time by email, mail or phone using the communication data provided at the imprint page, but this will also cancel your registration.


Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have further questions:
Andrea Ruf
Phone.: +49 6221 98504 13