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2020-07-06 - 14:43

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Details of the Real Time Linux Foundation Working Group Project

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Real Time Linux Workshops

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Eighth Real-Time Linux Workshop on October 12 to 15, 2006, in Lanzhou, Gansu, P.R.China

The IBM CELL Processor

Steve Best
Linux Technology Center
Cell Ecosystem & Solutions Enablement
China Systems & Technology Lab
2F Building 19, Zhongguancun Software Park,
8 Dongbeiwang West Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.C.

This session will give a brief overview of the Cell Broadband EngineTM (Cell BE) a new processor architecture which extends the 64-bit Power Architecture technology. The Cell Broadband Engine Architecture has been designed to support a wide range of applications including digital media, entertainment, communications, medical imaging, security and surveillance, and HPC workloads. The first implementation, the CBE processor, is a single-chip multiprocessor with nine processor elements operating on a shared, coherent memory. Each CBE comprises a power processor element (PPE) and eight synergistic processor elements (SPEs). The PPE contains a 64-bit Power Architecture core called PPU or PX, and it can run 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and applications. It also manages system resources and SPE threads. It supports both the PowerPC instruction set and the Vector/SIMD Multimedia Extension instruction set. The SPEs are independent processor elements which are optimized for running SIMD applications. To an application programmer, the CBE processor looks like a 9-way coherent multicore.

We'll look at some of the following key areas:

  • Application areas and examples
  • Digital Media focus area (Media & Entertainment)
  • Programming Model overview
  • Cell Software Development Kit
  • QS20 Cell Blade Product Announcement and Future Products Roadmap

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