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2024-05-23 - 20:20
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These functions search for the occurrence of a single word or several words in the various sections of the OSADL Website. The internal search function is not very fast but does a meticulous work, nicely marks the search string on the target page, is always up-to-date and includes pages that can only be viewed by the current user, if any. However, it only scans HTML and PDF documents and does not include News Articles nor can it search in machine-generated pages such as the QA Farm system profiles. In addition, we are providing by default Google's custom site search which is extremely fast, but may not include the latest additions to the Website. It searches the entire publicly available Website including most document types, News Articles, scripts and programs with the obvious exception of content on login-protected areas. Furthermire, another internal search function only browses through text sections of News articles. Last not least, the OSADL legal FAQ can be searched with an individually implemented incremental search function, but this is only available to OSADL members when logged in.

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Search the OSADL Website using Google's Custom Site Search

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