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2021-01-24 - 17:24

OSADL Special Events

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COOL - Compact OSADL Online Lectures

COOL is a OSADL webinar series. COOL is intended to take place regularly once a month and covers current as well as recurring topics around Open Source software in industry.  COOL webinars are held in English language. Participation is free of cost.

Upcoming COOL webinars in 2021:

Past COOL webinars in 2021:

COOL event page
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Embedded World 2021 DIGITAL

The embedded world 2021 DIGITAL will take place from March 1 to 5, 2021. Would you like to learn about the ways Open Source software can successfully be used in industry, particularly in a license-compliant way? Then do not miss to visit OSADL at the embedded world 2021 DIGITAL.

We are looking forward to meeting you at embedded world DIGITAL!

HOT - Heidelberg OSADL Talks 2021

HOT = Heidelberg OSADL Talks are open information events that usually take place twice times a year. HOT gives an overview of the fundamental legal aspects (Legal HOT) and technical aspects (Technical HOT) when using Open Source software in industrial products.
Spring dates 2021: May 4, 2021 (Legal HOT), May 5, 2020 (Technical HOT) - Virtual, by live video stream

Program (will be available soon) - Registration - Presentations and video clips

OSADL Networking Day respectively OSADL Networking Week 2021

The OSADL Networking Day 2021 is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 as a one-day conference in person in Heidelberg/Germany. If, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a face-to-face conference will not yet be possible again at this time, the Networking Day will another time be transformed into a virtual OSADL Networking Week which will then take place from Monday, June 14 to Thursday, June 17, 2021. In the latter case, it will consist of live video stream sessions alternately in the morning and afternoon, each session including a subsequent discussion via video conference. We hereby would like to cordially invite all OSADL regular, associate and academic members to participate at OSADL Networking Day 2021 repectively OSADL Networking Week 2021.

OSADL Networking Day/Week page - Agenda - Registration - Presentations (member or participant login required)