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2020-07-13 - 11:09

Real-Time Linux Workshop 2007, Linz, Austria

Accepted OSADL Abstracts at the 9th Real-Time Linux Workshop 2007, Linz, Austria (Agenda)

  • Alexander Bauer: Realtime capabilities of low-end PowerPC and ARM boards for embedded systems (Abstract)
  • Robert Schwebel: The OSADL Fieldbus Framework (Abstract)
  • Arthur Siro, Carsten Emde, Nicholas Mc Guire: Assessment of the Realtime Preemption Patches (RT-Preempt) and their impact on the general purpose performance of the system (Abstract)
  • Carsten Emde, Michael Kremer, Jörg Müller: Is it possible to run a Kernel-based Virtual Machine (kvm) without affecting the real-time capabilities of the host system? (Abstract)
  • Manuel Traut: Real-Time CORBA performance on Linux-RT_PREEMPT (Abstract)
  • Morten Mossige, Pradyumna Sampath, Rachana Rao: Evaluation of Linux rt-preempt for embedded industrial devices for Automation and Power technologies - A case study (Abstract)
  • Morten Mossige: Developing Linux applications on a Windows host with coexistence of other real-time OSes (Abstract)