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2018-11-16 - 11:03

HENSOLDT is a world-leading provider of premium sensors for protection, surveillance and situational awareness. Capitalising on more than a hundred years of experience in high-performance technology, HENSOLDT is the global number one for missile warning systems and submarine periscopes. HENSOLDT is the new Sensor House with a major position in the radar, optronics and electronic warfare markets and a leading provider of border surveillance equipment.

HENSOLDT's global footprint: 4,000 employees in strategic locations for engineering, operations and sales across the globe.

HENSOLDT combines 100 years of defense and security electronics under one roof and embodies

  • commitment and agility in meeting their customers’ detection and protection needs today and tomorrow;
  • excellence in their people and across their extensive sensor portfolio;
  • innovation and technological progress built upon a proud heritage.




Hensoldt Sensors GmbH, Willi-Messerschmitt-Str. 3, 82024 Taufkirchen, Germany

Associate membership contact: Uwe Sliwke