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2023-09-30 - 16:06

OSADL Members of all categories

Regular OSADL Member Gold - Silver - Bronze

Any company interested in the development of Open Source Software for the machine and automation industry and for embedded systems may become a regular member of the OSADL cooperative. There are three different membership levels for regular members – Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Associate OSADL Member Gold - Silver - Bronze - Base Level - Organization

In addition, OSADL welcomes associate members. Larger companies have the choice between Bronze, Silver or Gold level; individual, sole proprietorship or small businesses may join as associate member at base level; organizations may join as associate member organization.

OSADL Academic Member

Last but not least, there is a special membership for academic institutions who may become an academic member.

Irrespective of the membership category, companies and academic institutions from all over the world are welcome and accepted.


Regular members 
Poster of regular OSADL members
Associate members 
Poster of associate OSADL members
Academic members 
Poster of academic OSADL members

Poster of Regular OSADL Members (print quality)


OSADL Regular Members - Poster (as of May, 2023)

2.7 M

Poster of Associate OSADL Members (print quality)


OSADL Associate Members - Poster (as of October, 2022)

1.0 M

Poster of Academic OSADL Members (print quality)


OSADL Academic Members - Poster (as of May, 2022)

3.2 M