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2020-11-26 - 02:54
2009-10-20 12:00 Age: 11 Years reports on RTLWS11 in Dresden

By: Carsten Emde

Several reports of the Eleventh Real Time Linux Workshop and on the RT mini summit are now available

LWN - Linux Weekly News Executive Editor Jonathan Corbet kindly accepted our invitation to attend the Eleventh Real Time Linux Workshop that was held earlier this month in Dresden, Germany, where he gave an in-depth and highly appreciated talk on the current status and future plans of the Linux Kernel (the slides are here).

In addition, Jonathan and his colleague Jake Edge wrote a number of articles and reports on the Real Time Linux Workshop and on the preemption (RT) mini-summit. The latter was held the day before and on the first day of the Real Time Linux Workshop. Thank you, Jake and Jonathan, for all this great work!

Below are links to the various articles and related documents.

The realtime preemption mini-summit (LWN article)

by Jonathan Corbet

Scenes from the Real Time Linux Workshop (LWN article)

by Jonathan Corbet dealing with

    • "Real time or real fast?" by Paul McKenney (abstract, paper)
    • Non-deterministic hardware ("Analysis of inherent randomness of the Linux kernel") by Peter Onkech (abstract, slides, paper)
    • Developers and academics (Plenary Panel Discussion "Academic OS research and Open Source community - different universes?")

    Deadline scheduling for Linux (LWN article)

    by Jonathan Corbet centering on

    • "An EDF scheduling class for the Linux kernel" by Dario Faggioli, Michael Trimarchi, Fabio Checconi and Claudio Scordino (abstract, paper)
    • "Deadline scheduling on Linux and why it hasn't happened yet" by Peter Zijlstra (slides)

    Reports on selected papers from the Real Time Linux Workshop (LWN article)

    by Jake Edge containing details on

    • "Finding origins of latencies using Ftrace" by Steven Rostedt (abstract, slides, paper)
    • "Towards Linux as a Real-Time Hypervisor" by Jan Kiszka (abstract, paper)
    • "ARM Fast Context Switch Extension for Linux" by Gilles Chanteperdrix and Richard Cochran (abstract, paper)
    • "Design and Implementation of Node Order Protocol" by Li Chanjuan, Nicholas McGuire, and Zhou Qingguo (abstract, paper)

    Original versions of all papers from the 11th Real Time Linux Workshop (on LWN)