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2023-01-28 - 07:37
KUKA Deutschland GmbH

The age of service robotics has long since dawned and KUKA is helping to shape it with high-tech robotics solutions. Technological trends, such as robot-robot cooperation and safe technology that enables human-machine collaboration, have already been set. With production assistants and modular, interactive robot generations, the company is creating a new robotics generation.

KUKA is already one of Europe’s leading service robotics manufacturers. The company offers high-tech solutions in the fields of entertainment and medical technology. The KUKA Robocoaster and motion simulators, robotics in the field of medical imaging and radiation therapy – KUKA’s robots perform a wide range of tasks in the service of humanity. In the field of production, KUKA’s advanced safety technology allows close cooperation between human operators and machines. Compliant, sensitive KUKA lightweight robots are setting new standards in the field of assembly, and will be an integral part of the mobile production assistants of the future.


KUKA Deutschland GmbH
Zugspitzstr. 140, 86165 Augsburg, Germany