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2023-02-02 - 15:18

IPCOMM GmbH, founded in 2004, is a medium-sized enterprise with the primary focus on the development, production and distribution of industrial gateways and inter-network communication solutions.

Developing communication protocols, specifically protocol conversion (i.e. one or multiple protocols exchange information) poses a great challenge. Successful protocol conversion is a complex problem that requires extensive knowledge.

Based on our more than ten years’ development experience in this field and our wide range of products, we are able to offer solutions to almost any communication problem. Over the years we have proven our competence in numerous projects servicing the energy industry, water utilities and gas business around the world, providing turnkey solutions and integrating the solution into existing systems.

Proprietary hardware development enables optimal customization of our products to each use case, assuring high reliability, long product life and continued availability.

Walter-Bouhon-Str. 4, 90427 Nürnberg, Germany