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2022-10-04 - 16:37

We are witnessing the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Human life as we know it will undergo a major change as Industry 4.0 and IIoT unfold. Our purpose is to ensure that this disruption enables mankind to live life more efficiently and happily.

We here at Kalycito see that all existing businesses have a need to redesign their products and services to survive in this brave new world. Irrespective of the scale of their businesses, they have these internal challenges - their engineering teams are busy with their existing work load, finding new talent is expensive and there is no respite from time-to-market pressure as well. We help our customers bridge this gap and innovate new business models. 

Our core capabilities are in the connected machines, connected infrastructure and connected mobility space. And our key differentiator is our ability to ensure vertical delivery of value in all our projects. We have a decade long experience of supporting customers across the value chain – silicon providers, OEMs, machine builders and large-scale system integrators.

This enables us to offer you a new and easier way to adapt to Industry 4.0 by
- Providing a fresh perspective on your Industry 4.0 plan, enabling your teams through our consulting, training and integration services
- Liberating your core teams from past routines, by taking care of your minor releases, validation, verification and end-of-life requirements
- Investing in technologies that matter to you, by taking part in IIC testbeds, OPC Foundation and pioneering the open source ecosystem for OPC UA TSN
- Solving the IT/OT Integration puzzle, using our proven agile processes and tools to ensure quick turnaround in your projects


Kalycito Infotech Private Limited
6/2 & 6/3, Trichy Road, Pappampatti Pirivu, Kannamaplayam, Coimbatore - 641103, Tamil Nadu, India