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2021-07-26 - 15:07

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Richard Wolf GmbH is a mid-sized medical technology company based in Germany. It supplies a broad spectrum of products and solutions for endoscopy and extracorporeal shock wave treatment.

A track record spanning more than 100 years empowers Richard Wolf to contribute to developing new and innovative medical products. Our experience also includes a continuous process of advanced development of patient-friendly, minimally invasive treatment methods. The company‘s core competence and experience is in the area of endoscopic systems for a range of disciplines in human medicine.

Richard Wolf employs some 1,500 people worldwide with a workforce of around 1,100 employees in Germany. The company maintains a global network of 16 subsidiaries and 130 foreign representatives. The headquarters and the facility for production, development and sales are in Knittlingen/ Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


Richard Wolf GmbH, Pforzheimer Straße 32, 75438 Knittlingen, Germany